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we are currently waiting for stock of our best selling hoof socks & circulation standing wraps, due to reasons beyond our control
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    Circulation Hoof Socks

    Incredible Results

    I heard about it last year from my Vet- Jeff Jones- and we began using it on a 12-year-old pole horse that we were told could not run anymore when we bought her or she would break. She has issues with her pasterns from being a prior cutting horse as well as a bad farrier. We started using the socks on her last winter and wanted you to know she ended up making the California High School state finals in pole bending- won 2nd in a go, ran her 3 fastest times ever- and ended up 9th in the State for the year. All this on a “broken’ horse. Part of this success is because of the socks I believe and thought you guys would like to hear about it.


    I started using these on my older horse's hind legs. He had an old injury and gets stiff in the fetlock joint. I'm amazed how quickly his range of motion improved after using the socks on a routine basis before and after exercise. He is jumping better than ever - thanks Incrediwear.

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