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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Chronic lameness improvement

    We did cold therapy on a mare that has had chronic lameness in a hock due to ligament injury as a young horse . After 30 days of wrapping wet for cold therapy and strength training she is the most sound she has been in the past 2 years .

    Took the swelling away immediately

    I immediately put Incrediwear to the test by putting it on an injured horse who displayed swelling in his legs and foot soreness. After an hour of wearing the leg wraps there was no edema and he was much more comfortable. As an advocate for my horses well being, I am thrilled to add this to their daily life. From now on, Incrediwear will be the only product my horses use in and out of the show arena to promote active recovery. This is the best product I have ever been introduced to for my horses, and myself!

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